NTFL donates 600lbs of food to Niqinik Nuatsivik Food Bank

By June 5, 2016

To help address food insecurity in the North, the NTFL brought 600lbs of food to Iqaluit and donated it to the Niqinik Nuatsivik Food Bank. A combination of rice, powdered milk, tea, pasta, canned pasta sauce, fruits and vegetables, beans and meat.

June 5, 2016

IQALUIT, NU | June 5, 2016: The total cost of the donated food purchased in Yellowknife was just under $1000, the 8 boxes weighing 70lbs each on average were brought as checked baggage, however, had they been shipped through Nutrition North would have cost $900 in freight to ship – almost as much as the food was worth, but because of creative thinking the NTFL was able to maximize the checked baggage allowance and the buying power of each dollar spent.

The cost of comparable food in Iqaluit can be between 40% – 200% more than in Yellowknife – a 680ml can of pasta sauce cost the NTFL $2.19 at the Yellowknife Co-op, whereas in Iqaluit that same can costs between $5.00 and $6.00 depending on which store it is purchased from.

“Each year the NTFL executive meets face-to-face, we alternate between Yellowknife and Iqaluit. This year we were scheduled to meet in Iqaluit and the Executive had the idea of donating food as the only baggage we need was carryon – we didn’t want to let the checked baggage allowance go to waste” said Alexander Lambrecht, President of the Northern Territories Federation of Labour.

“This is a considerable donation that will help to feed half of one of two distributions that the food bank supplies each month. The Niqinik Nuatsivik Food Bank serves 130 Families every two weeks as a supplemental source of food every 2 weeks.” said Stephen Wallick, President of the Niqinik Nuatsivik Food Bank.

The NTFL is hopeful that other people and organizations will be inspired to do something similar to help address and spread the awareness of food insecurity in Canada’s arctic regions.

“When I was packing the boxes I was thinking that I wish we could bring more, but when we handed over the food donation I had no idea of how many people each box would help feed – according to the food bank each box will help feed 8 families and half of one of the food banks distributions; I’m still in awh over how many people will be helped.” said Alexander Lambrecht, President of the Northern Territories Federation of Labour.

“The only reason food banks exists is because food insecurity and poverty exists. There are countless people working to address this issue, communities working together to help each other, and organizations like the NTFL finding ways to help while solutions are found and implemented. Food donations help a lot of people, but, it’s not a long-term solution. What is needed is self-sustainability/sufficiency that is supported through government investments in green energy to offset the cost of greenhouse lighting and heat through biomass and other renewable energy sources”. said Alexander Lambrecht, President of the Northern Territories Federation of Labour.




Alexander Lambrecht, President