Through our partnership with WSCC:

We are pleased to be able to offer the following courses to all workers and employers in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut FREE OF CHARGE !

Yellowknife Dates Fall and Winter 2016


 Supervisor Safety Training (2 days)

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 Occupational Health & Safety Committee Training

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Course one: Understanding workers’ compensation

This course provides a  comprehensive overview of the Workers’ Compensation System in the NWT and Nunavut: including:   reporting obligations, the claims process, funding the system, Safe Advantage, benefits and services  available to injured workers and the appeal process

Topics include: how the system is funded, entitlement requirements and the claims process, reporting obligations, benefits and services, and the appeals process.

Course two: Introducing return-to-work

This course provides an overview of  all workplace parties legal rights and responsibilities including Human Rights and the  Duty to Accommodate.  It also examine the attitudes and barriers injured workers face returning to work and what best practices are in developing return to work place.

Topics include: the duty to accommodate, employer, worker, and union responsibilities, potential barriers to return to work, best practices, and the benefits of returning workers to work.

Course three: Developing return-to-work programs

This three-day course provides an in-depth understanding of the return to work process.

The course equips participants with the knowledge and resources to develop effective return to work strategies, programs, and plans for their workplace. Participants will gain hands-on practical experience in applying the principles of evidence-based best practices including Disability Prevention.

NEW: Supervisor Safety Training  (2 days)

This training course has been designed and developed for all individuals in supervisory positions, includes six modules that define the Northwest Territories and Nunavut regulatory regime and specific supervisor responsibilities.  The course includes industry best practices in the identification and control of hazards; contractor safety management; and practical industry-specific exercises.

NEW: Occupational Health and Safety Committees

This training course is designed and developed for all individuals in the workforce.  It will help participants to understand their roles and responsibilities under occupational health and safety legislation, how to form an effective committee, how to conduct effective and efficient committee meetings, carry out committee activities as set out in the occupational health and safety legislation and assist the employer in resolving health and safety issues.

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